Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beginning first welcome

basma..don't touch my paper ..

sorry .. basma do more troubles with me ..sorry
lets start.

first welcome in my blog .. hope enjoy it .. in this bost will know us ..
my name is tayser ..and I live in egypt ..Higaza village -qena.. my twin sister names Basma ..we different twins form ..but I think we have same ideas
we grow like plants in Higaza village .. its agrarian village in Egypt ..
Now we in prep school class 1..I some times hate my school but I n
dream to be special and successful in the future must work hard ..I hope to be policeman..ha I hear your laugh :-) ..I know its difficult in Egypt especially i'm girl..but I have the hope ..but mom say in this age the child want any work . ha
I and my twin sister Basma adore drawing so much .. but unfortunately in our village no one care about fine arts .. whether school or public .. ..but we have the gift .. and we can express our imagination ..available ores
I from Pharaoh country.. I know it was great CIVILIZATION ..and I proud to that much .. specialty when I look to our historical temple in Egypt .. wow .. its great feeling..

I live near luxor .. historical city..more more historical temples on it ..I enjoy to see it ..
... ah ..time has come to see my card .

and my drawing

ohh I can't complete the stars
Turn of basma


I basma .. I think Tayser say alot about me ..ommmmm ..I like her but I think I have more energy from her .. ha ..she hit me now ..

I love my family so much and I adore about drawing so much ..and poem ..also computers ..I dazzled about advanced country ..I look to world like drawing ..not dreary world ..but the green world .. it in my mental..and I trying to express it by my pen ..
my drawing distinguished by simplicity ..I think the drawing is so esy but it need some of tact and imagination ..colors coordination is important too ..I adore drawing to far extent so I drawing everyday ..not only ..but I have more I can contrive .. I can drawing on the walls and make decoration with papers ..

in my school ..I very superior and successful student .. by high marks proof..and in last year .. I be the one on my school ..

I love english language..and I want to improve it.. I work hard to do that ..

I love my village too..clam,green everywhere..far from pollution and cars .. I thanks god I here..

omm my hands is tired now .. ohhh ..
I must leave now .. but hope to see my card..

my drawing distinguished by simplicity

photo from my room wall

Wallpaper design of brother

wait for more of our drawing work ..coming soon .
thanks for visiting ..